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Besides experiencing Oya Clinic's V Shape treatment, I also tried their body shaping treatment to reduce my stomach fat. This also their signature treatment.

My room for body shaping treatment.

Body Shaping tool for this treatment. Slightly curved and this tool will heat your skin without burning it. It will heat the unnecessary fat in my stomach. 
This treatment will use 2 tools and took around 40-45 minutes.
Before the treatment, they measured my stomach. Disclaimer! Even tough I look all slim and such, I do have bloated stomach. It is my family genetic that all the fat will fall to the stomach only.hahhaa. Also I don't exercise at all. If you count walking to parking lot and walking back and forth at the mall are exercising then it is! That's my kind of exercises :p


Front Before Stomach

Treatment begins...

First they open my spleen (if I hear it right, I think it is) 
then they massage my stomach with circular motion with the tool I showed you above. They will put more time which has more fat. There's no discomfort during the process, except on the part that has less fat, I have slightly discomfort like being pinch but after I tell them, they avoid those areas.

Your stomach will become pinkish because of the heating process. Won't leave any permanent mark though, at least on me.
After that, we move to the second tool, it's like wearing belts around my stomach. This machine attached with patches that will vibrate and how intense the vibration will decide by your therapist and you. If you feel it too much, you can ask them to reduce it a little bit.

Underneath the vibrating patch, they will apply their Oya cream (They also use it for Face Contour treatment). Again, if you haven't read that post (go read it!!) Oya Cream will adsorb to the skin and will keep burning fat for the next 7 days after the treatment.

This is my chart. Notice the stripe marks on my stomach, that's the M1, M2, and M3 point (from top to bottom)

On the first treatment, I lost 3cm for M3 which around my hips. 
I suppose to continue the treatment the next week but since I have to go to Thailand, I back to the clinic after. 

Of course, what do you do the most in Thailand? Eat...eat...and eat. My stomach back to they used to and with and addition of 1cm.hahaha. Time to reduce you again tummy...

This time I try the RF Treatment. Which also help me to tighten my muscles. 

Before RF Treatment

The tool for RF treatment is different. They use this square tool which also create heat but I've been worn by the therapist that if I feel discomfort don't make any instant move because it will electrocuted me. Not that you will go straight to emergency and such, just you will feel, well, electrocuted and shocked.
This treatment also takes 40-45 minutes and still use the vibration patches along with Oya "magic" cream like the first treatment.

After RF Treatment

Oh..oh...I don't believe how bloated my stomach was. I seriously thought that I already have flat slim stomach -_-.

After the second treatment, like the first one, I lost 3cm on M3. Yup, my fat mostly on M3 area and just think that if every week I use this treatment, I will get that slim and toned stomach without have to exercise hahaha. And you can have it too! As I have this 50% discount for my lovely readers!!!

Don't forget to read the terms & condition to use this voucher. 
For more information you can call the clinic and visit their website: www.oyaclinics.co.id

Love, Leonita
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