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I know it's been a year about my trip to Singapore. I remember I want to do a post about it, as usual, I just forget about it and here I am, fulfilling my promise!
If you haven't visit Madame Tussauds Singapore, This might be a little sneak peek for you what's inside :D

This is my first time visiting Madame Tussauds, never been to any Madame Tussauds before, having a great time in there but as I recall, I enjoying seeing Singapore Live more, I am just a sucker to history :P
As for Madame Tussauds, it will be boring if you just go there alone, two people in minimum. By that, you can have fun with the wax figures and your photos!

Without further ado, here is my guide to "how to take pictures with wax figures" .LOL

(in this post, I will make some funny caption to make you understand my point of view seeing this wax figures. As my usual posts are quite serious, I want to make this post light and funny. Hope you are having great time seeing this post!)

No one can beat Taylor Swift >.<

Question 1: can I really play piano???

If I know Angelina Jolie will be here, I will wear my heels to make my legs longer T___T
how's my leg pose?

0.0 another Leo from the other side!

E.T touch with Michael Jackson!!

Sorry, don't hit me!!!

Having fun with our first President, say cheesee!

No caption needed. Just playing around

Well, for me this photo quite funny and scary at the same time. How come my face so blurry, face looks scary.

Helping Mr. Beckham doing his sit up.

Madame Tussauds creating my wax figure (I hope ;p)

If you curious, I traveled with Jean ^^

Dragging Jean to act like a wax figure. Aren't we suitable enough?? hahaha

That's all for this post, oh and Happy Valentine all. Wish you have the best Valentine :D

Love, Leonita
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