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Even though this month I almost do nothing, I still can't manage my time to write a single post :(
*say hello to procrastinating T__T. I don't know what happen to my mind & body. I always feel I can't do anything except laying on my bed! Really... I even don't do my homework :(

Okay, skip with my procrastinating routine, on today's post I want to share with you this product that I've been using for couple of months.

I actually have Bio-oil for quite a while, but I managed to use it properly this past 2 months. Somehow, My skin around jawline and temple have been very dry. The skin is so flaky that make me "love" to scratch it *bad habit*
It won't be good if I'm wearing makeup!

So, I'm using Bio-Oil on my face to help me smoothen and cure this dry patchy skin. As you can read on the picture above, it contains vitamin A & E, Calendula oil, lavender, rosemary and chamomile. It also suitable for face & body and suitable for sensitive skin.

Bio-oil is famous for its purpose for minimalising scar and stretch marks. For me, I'm using bio-oil for my dehydrated skin on my jawline and temple. As you can see, my skin's texture is so awful T__T
I think it's because I often sleep with my face still full of dirt after got home from campus (yes, that's how tiring my campus life is!)

Rubbing my poor skin with Bio-oil

I like using this because it quickly adsorb into the skin so I won't have sticky oily face.
It smells good too :)
I use it 2 times a week at night after I wash my face.

You won't see any trace of having "oil" on your skin. I have oily skin but my skin is dehydrated (dehydrated skin is caused by lack of water not oil). So using this oil and drinking much-much water is very hopeful to combat this troublesome skin ^v^ 

Overall, I find this bio-oil quite useful but until this post published I haven't seen any significant result. I know it helps to minimalise the dry skin but I won't say it will cure the dryness of my skin.

Who's using Bio-oil too? What for and how it works on you!

Love, Leonita
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