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I can't believe it's already the last month of 2014!!
on today's post, I want to share my experience with Restylane & Impressions Aesthetic Clinic.
so...Restylane invited me to join clinic tour and also trying their skin booster treatment *yipiiee*

I got a chance to try their skin booster treatment at Impressions Aesthetic Clinic back in October.
I knowww, I should post about this long time ago. I have many things to do currently, so it's kinda hard for me right now to post something on my blog T___T
I'm surely miss blogging so much. So, here I am... writing a post again :P

After Impressions' team removed my makeup. They put anesthetic cream on my entire face so I won't feel anything during the treatment.
On this treatment, Impression's doctor, Ms. Fitria, will use cannula needle. 

source: skinspecifics.com
Cannula needle is a bendable, blunt (not sharp) tube the size of a needle. The doctor makes a small hole with a needle, but rather than injecting the needle, he or she removes the needle and inserts the cannula in the hole.

with this technique, the pain will be lessen than using conventional technique using sharp needle.

As you all know, my face is full with acne. and with this skinboosters, it will help to treat my acne from the inside.

this is a continuous treatment. well as I always mention, a good and safe treatment needs time to work ^^

Here is my before treatment skin :

Dr. Fitria making a hole with sharp needle so the cannula needle can go in ( do I explain it right and understandable? )

Dr. Fitria inserting the cannula needle 

tada~ the treatment finished...and Dr. Fitria explaining to the audience what she was doing.
As you can see on the picture above. Suddenly my face looks brighten, healthier and plumper :p
Yes, it will give you a litttlllee bit swollen, but still unnoticeable. 

Photo with fellow bloggers... excuse my bare and browless face T___T
yeah...I'm totally browless LOL

This is my skin condition after a week

I feel my acne on my skin is reducing but still there's still redness here and there.
If I want a better result, I can continue until 3 treatment program as suggested :D
Also, after trying Restylane skinboosters treatment, I feel my skin is softer and super moist. I can't stop touching it *I should stop though or the acne will come back :p*

oh if you notice, yes this is the same photo as in Garnier Sakura's post. I still can use any product that I want after this treatment. there's no side effect 

Also...I want to show you Impressions Aesthetic Clinic in Sunter, the place I got my Restylane Skinboosters ^^

The place will make you at your own house...it's cozy and calming with green and cream theme in every room

okay... I think today's post is long enough hahaha.
see you on next post guyss~

Love, Leonita
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