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Back with another review...
It's been a while I try another cleansing oil (last cleansing oil that I tried is Etude) and so far, I love how clean my skin is after using cleansing oil as my makeup remover. 

Is this cleansing oil (also the cleanser and masks) works good on me?

First item I tried when the products arrived is this Kracie naive cleansing oil. 

I love the water consistency of this product. If there's no English word on the package, I will think that this is a cleansing water before put it on my hand.

no fragrant at all which I like, I kinda hate rubbing something that contains fragrance on my face >.<

see how fast this cleansing oil removes my lipstick 

I use MUFE lipstick which always leave stains on my lips whenever I use it. I just rub the cleansing oil and in about 3 seconds, the lipstick is all gone 0.0

also after using this cleansing oil, I find my skin feels smoother and cleaner. I totally hooked with this cleansing oil right now. This cleansing oil also contains sunflower seed oil to keep my skin soft ୧༼ ヘ ᗜ ヘ ༽୨

Moving on to cleanser. Facial cleansing foam Green Tea Oil Control & Pores Tightening for oily skin. 
As you know, I am a sucker of green tea :p
it's like ordinary cleansing foam...It claims to clean dirt and dead cell on face with green tea extract that control sebum and tighten pores....

It smells nice but the fragrance it's kinda too heavy for me :(
this cleanser suitable for oily skin like me...

Kawaii Beauty Japan also giving me 3 mask of Kracie too. Kracie Hadabisei elasticity, extra moist, and brightening. 

Kracie Hadabisei elasticity is suitable for you, who want to maintain your skin elasticity. it contains Co-Enzym Q10 and Soybean Isoflavone that will make your face fresh and bouncier *boingg-boingg* , use this mask 2 - 3 times a week for maximum result.

Kracie Hadabisei extra moist facial mask, contains Royal Jelly & Hyaluronic Acid.
This mask is suitable for you who want to reduce aging effect ^^

Kracie Hadabisei brightening.
Yuup, as you can see...suitable for you who want a brighter skin...

It contains Vitamin C which is the main ingredient if you want a brighter skin...also collagen for skin elasticity. This mask will make your skin appear healthier, brighter and also fresher :D

After use the mask, there will be "leftover" of the mask's solution. Don't wash it! instead use the "leftover" to massage your face until it fully adsorbed to the skin :D

Conclusion :
# Affordable price
# Simple Packaging
# Love the cleansing oil the most
# Facial cleansing foam too fragrant 
# Facial masks contain a lot of solution to keep my skin moisturise

Love, Leonita
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