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I believe many of you already know this product hehehe.
Now, it's time for me to review this famous product =v=

Is it going to work on me? 

Money back guaranteed?! 0.0

Bliv off with those heads is a blackhead sebum gel, as you can read it...this sebum gel extracts white and blackheads with ease without the need to squeeze. We regularly squeeze our white and blackheads when we try to remove them but with this gel, we can minimize our "power" to squeeze the white and blackheads hahaha. Because this gel softeens the clogging blocking your pores also stops them from appearing again. 

I follow as the usage instruction above...

The hole is perfectly fit of a pea sized drop.

Somehow because I find that this product has quite a strong ingredients, so for you who has sensitive skin, it will a little stinging sensations. But for me, even my skin is sensitive but I did a lot of acne treatment which was more painful than this, so when I applied it, I feel....nothingg! hahahaha

The gel is clear and has a watery consistency, it has a strong scent though, it always reminds me of alcohol scent. 

It adsorbed pretty fast and no colour at all so I can use my makeup after using this gel ^^

I use this gel at night but sometimes I use it in the morning too, if I remember and not in a rush.LOL

So here's my before. I always suffered with a lot of blackheads. I'm using public transportation everyday, so my face looks duller because of the blackheads T__T

and this is after using the gel of almost 3 weeks :p

Where are you blackheads?? hahhaa
it's almost gone and also I love how my pores are shrinking :p

oh, and I use this gel all over my face. Yeah, my face is filled with tons of blackhead *sigh*

btw, please don't mind the lighting differences, because this product is not the one who makes my skin brighter.lol. but it helps me reducing my white & blackheads and also shrinking my poresss *haa...love it*

You can check this product on :
Twitter: @blivskin
FB: bliv Indonesia
ig: @bliv_indonesia
Web: www.bliv.com/id/id

Conclusion :
# Simple Packaging
# Scent too strong ( alcohol kinda scent )
# Shrinking pores
# Removing white & blackheads
# Quite expensive

Love, Leonita
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