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It's been awhile I hasn't post any review.
Today I'm going to introduce you this my current favourite serum.
This serum come from the same company that sells Ag Factor and Praventac

As mention on the box, UltraPeptide serum is formulated with 5 super concentrated key ingredients to attack all the signs of aging to drastically improve deep wrinkles as well as fine lines on an instant and long-term basis, plus peptides that aim to shrink enlarged pores, combined with deep penetrating and long-lasting Vitamin C to target age spots, fade discoloration and redness. In short, this is the most complete treatment for the overall signs of aging. 

Well, at first I get this product I'm kinda confused how to described this serum.
In the shortest way I find is this serum is for wrinkles, discoloration, whitening, minimizing pores, and many more... ~(^^~)

It can be use on face, neck and hands
also this serum suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skin like me.

I love the design of the bottle. It's green and made from glass but it looks sturdy.
the size is 30ml and made in France

Key Ingredients 

 I apply this serum on my entire face and neck every night and sometimes in the morning

The serum is watery enough but kinda sticky after I spread it on my face. After I keep massaged it on my face the sticky-ness disappeared.
I put about a size of pea on each part of my face and after spread it evenly I put it on my neck as well.
After the serum completely adsorbed, the sticky-ness also disappeared and my skin looks healthier and bouncier :p

Okay.... I know you already curious about the result, right? hahaha
so without further delay...
here it is.... 

Conclusion :
# Natural Ingredients
# Shrinking my large pores 
# Reducing redness
# Make my skin suppler and bouncier ( hydrated )
# take times to reduce acne
# 30ml size of serum is quite enough for 6 months supply

You can get this serum too at Praventac Indonesia

Love, Leonita
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