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Today, I want to share my newest cleansing water~
At first I was a little skeptic about this cleansing water to remove my high coverage makeup.  I just use if I went out and clean my face with this product so I don't have to wash my face :p

Also, my Bioderma cleansing water has just run out so I don't have another option other that to try this lovely product

It claimed that it removes makeup and trapped dirt and freshens like a toner.
Most of cleansing water I find so far always has this "micellar water" named on it, so yeah... it's micellar water not just a regular water hehehe

It is freshen my face after I clean my face with this cleansing water and I love this product for it. 
Well, Maybelline already gives me disclaimer that it removes light makeup so I can't say no more about it can't remove heavy makeup right? hahahaa

The hole is quite big but it gives a perfect amount on the cotton.

I usually use minimum makeup for my daily life. I just using eyebrows, medium coverage foundation and lipbalm.
But, because I took public transportation right now, my face is full of dirt mixed with foundation at the end of the day. 

What I'm happy about this cleansing water is I can see it removes the dirt on my face instantly.
My face feel clean and freshen after using it. So sometimes I use it again and again because I just love the feeling of my skin "waking up" after a tiring day.

The price is around Rp 50.000 I assume which is very great deal. The size is enough for 3 months use ( if you use it everyday ). It can't remove my waterproof eyeliner but it removes eyeshadow completely.

I recommended this product if you want to try cleansing water ^v^

Conclusion :
# freshen 
# removes dirt & light makeup
# affordable price
# good packaging

Love, Leonita
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