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Went this black box arrived at home, I was very surprised....
The box is quite heavy and wrapped with beautiful black ribbon >.<

The first item that caught me was this Mat Magique All in One powder.
I immediately opened and tried it... lol

Sorry for the blur...
L'oreal also gave this men expert total skin renewer anti acne facial from for men. I gave it to my brother, and I think he kinda like it because it stays in bathroom :P

My mom loves this revitalift. she always bought this when she go to supermarket...
I haven't try this because I always forget but really curious why my mom like it very much?! 

Also got this revitalift intensive repairing essence. I can use it before using revitalift night cream to maintain my skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles :)

To complete all of my regimen, L'oreal also gave me this shampoo and conditioner for my hair. My hair is bleached so even though it still healthy inside and out, I need something to keep it that way. This shampoo and conditioner will help me for sure :D

Love, Leonita
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