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Hola...  as you all know from my Instagram ( if you haven't follow me, do follow ^^v ). 
Kiehls having new store located at Emporium Mall Pluit. 
Kiehl's invited me to celebrate this happy moment with them...thank you Kiehl's

The venue for the event is at their pop up booth near their store

They have this "lucky wheel" .... so fun to try >.<
I got deluxe size samples...everybody can spin this lucky wheel

Ribbon cutting to open their newest store

They also have some dancer to ignited the event hahaha

Kiehl's candy cotton booth surrounded by children.lol

Also live music which I thought the singer looks like Darren Criss, doesn't he?

After that photo session to finalize the event...

special thanks to Jean for the pictures because well my lousy camera can't capture this best moment T__T

Speaking of camera, which camera you think I should get? I can't buy an expensive camera though :)

Love, Leonita
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