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I went to Jak-Japan Matsuri couple weeks ago.... If you following my instagram...you will know that I went there hihiihi....if you haven't follow me on instagram, do follow ^^ 
I haven't tell you guys, that my work now related to Japan too, so... I think for now this blog will get lot of Japanese stuffs I guess....
Behind me is the Bon Odori *do I spell it right?*

When Yushi attended the Matsuri in Japan... you can see it in here . I got a chance to visited Matsuri in Jakarta :p

Anyway.... This is what I wore at Matsuri. Got this kawaii legging/stocking/socks from Born Pretty Store, and no other place to wear this stocking (I prefer to called it stocking ^^ ), ehem... I mean kawaii stocking with ribbon, moon, and stars all over it than Matsuri.... *yippiee*

Just a short post though :)

Top (Vest + Inner top)  : Unbranded

Kawaii Stocking :  Born Pretty Store
Black Sling Bag :  INTAKO at Sidoarjo
Shoes  : Forever21
Hat : Borrowed from a friend 

Love, Leonita
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