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Hey there....I'm sorry I've been neglecting this blog for a while.
That's why you see my sister taking over this blog and filling you with a lot of Japanese stuffs .lol.
Now I'm back with another review, and lets move to another country ( beside Japan ) and back to Indonesia for a while... yes ?!

Mustika Ratu " Simply Stay" makeup kit consists of moisturizer, liquid foundation, stick foundation, and two way cake.  

It doesn't come with the whole packaging, you know the package per item but its more like a makeup counter showcase.
I think it's quite cute and convenient.

stick foundation on the left , two way cake on the right and moisturizer also liquid foundation lining up bellow them.

For liquid foundation, comes in small tubes

Let's swatch it !

Liquid foundation

Sweet Choco |  Caramel Latte | Smoothie Yellow | Pearly White

the liquid is quite watery so you have to be careful when pressing the tube, it might jumped out :p
easy to blend but it dried quite fast too.

The moisturizer is nice too. light on skin and refresh my face immediately, great for pre-makeup ^^

Stick Foundation

It found it's quite hard to blend for the stick foundation but the coverage is high so I usually use this for contouring or making this foundation as concealer :p

Two way cake
okay, don't confuse with it. The two way cake also has 4 shades and the rightest one is the stick foundation that accidentally captured :( sorryy...

the two way cake is quite pigmented and match the stick foundation. It will be great if you use stick foundation and top it with two way cake to have a flawless poreless porcelain skin *wooww* ^^

That's all for today...

Love, Leonita
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