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Today's post is dedicated to my most favourite mall in Jakarta.
If you've been reading my blog from the beginning, you must know that I mentioned Grand Indonesia ) which shorten as GI ) on several posts. 
So... today I want to show you, why I love hanging out ( and shopping ) at Grand Indonesia 

started with the access to this mall. It's so simple and easily recognise because it's located near bunderan HI ( Bunderan Hotel Indonesia ) so it's like every transport in Jakarta know where GI is. 

Now...let's go inside *yipiie* I will show you some of my favourite stores

the first store I always visit is Forever21. Just look at how big and spacious F21 is . Consist of 2 levels and they always display this on their window

See ? up to 70% off which is not many store in Jakarta have this kind of sale and they always have the 70% off sale item. 
As you can see on some of my outfit posts, I wore Forever21 , I bought them here (revealing my secret >.< ) on the sale section. Oh yes, they have a section for all the sale item.
But, their normal price is affordable too... with just 300k -ish you already can get a pair of jeans / skirt and a cute tee and maybe some bling - bling accessories to make your outfit to the next level ^^
Oh yes, all the accessories I wore on my outfit's posts mostly are from F21.

Then I went to Cotton On, which is my new routine because this store has just opened for some time ago. When I heard Cotton On want to open their first store in Indonesia , I was so happy, I like their sunglasses a lot and their shorts. 

Coconut island sells a really comfortable T-shirt. Their lightweight material is so right with the hot weather in Jakarta . Some time they have this whole family series tee for mother, father, sister and brother. I like " I have to bought them all to wear it with my family" so sometimes me and my brothers wore it together. I want to say thanks to Grand Indonesia by the way, because the first time I met this brand is at GI and at first I was skeptical because its only sell T-shirt and at mall ?? but because of it's interior design and cute tees on the display, I finally found my comfortable everyday t-shirt >.<

and the hippiest store in Jakarta right now is H&M. I've been heard that H&M want to open their stores in Jakarta and really hope they open it at Grand Indonesia and as I wish, they did ! ahh so happy and surprisingly H&M open their biggest flagship store for south east asia in Grand Indonesia >.<

My tips for shopping in Grand Indonesia is have to get this G-card because the more you shop, more points you can get and you can redeem the points for shopping vouchers ( and other vouchers, but my favourite is shopping vouchers :p ) . So I might say it's kinda like cashback, isn't ?! also around high season month, Grand Indonesia usually has Midnight Sale ( mostly from 20.00 - 24.00 pm). I love shopping at midnight , well double sale ? *drooling* and they have so many additional sales >.<
honestly, I still have tons of my favourite stores in here, because I used to shopped in here every Saturday when I was in high school and now like every week ? oh busy schedule :(
sometimes I keep whining at my friends like " oh...I miss GI, GI is my second home" and something like that. lol. For me Grand Indonesia has the most complete stores in Jakarta ( mall category ) that's why I love shopping in here also not to mention the atmosphere the building has, so cozy :)

Images : from various source
G-card picture by blackblueblizzard

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