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On March 29th, I was invited by Martha Tilaar to their gathering with Biokos & Caring Colours.
After the tiring project it's like the water in the dessert >.,<
Also it's been a while I haven't met my blogger friends... and many of them came to the event

Dr. Martha Tilaar specially came to the event to say hello to us... even though she just came for a while, kinda happy to see this inspiring woman... this is the second time I met her and she's so down to earth... (two thumbs up )

The crowd...

The first speaker is Ms. Edwina Waas 

She told us about BeautyPreneurship ( The beauty of young entrepreneur in beauty, fashion & lifestyle industry )

So this is the top 10 of promising job in the future ( according to Kompas ) 
the first one is fashion industry such as fashion designer, makeup artist, or art director
the second one is interior and building such as architect, interior designer or exterior designer, 
the third is music and theather, the forth is technology and information and the fifth is advertising.

well, I'm currently majoring in architecture and my part time job is makeup artist and blogging. So, right now I already have 3 promising job ? lol
Oh wait.. blogging is half technology & information and advertising, so I have FOUR promising job ! >.<
Wish they all can make my future life better :p
(because right now, my hand and head is so full... almost overheating.lol )

back to topic !
as you know Martha Tilaar has a school which is called Puspita Martha International Beauty School . They have international standard and many of their alumni are successful in the beauty & fashion field 

Next is dr. Astrid Tilaar to tell us more about beauty. She graduated from Magister of Aesthetic Herbal at University of Indonesia. She's so pretty and her skin ? super flawless....
She share about the latest technology of skincare and what it is actually. Some people ( or many ) many times didn't know what the use of the newest technology treatment really about, what we know it's good for skin, will improve the skin, etc and it's currently so trendy. 

Some tips to share ^^

I learn so many things in this session, and this is my favourite session. I get to know what Botox is really about and what rejuvenation is, and many more

and then Biokos team teach us how to facial at home. Using our hands.
they have this fingers technique.
Here's how to do it yourself facial at home 

taken from Biokos website
It's good for blood circulation 

The last session is Caring Colour team teach us the proper makeup using their BB Cream.
Caring Colour is the first Indonesian Cosmetic that launched BB Cream ( so proud of it ). Makeup demo from Toney. He is a professional makeup artist.

The exciting moment when he want to teach us about "stitching eyelashes " .lol
look how curious we are

they lend us their makeup kit so we can re-create Toney makeup demo 

Makeup demo result
so natural and the eye makeup is so pretty 

Toney tips for using BB Cream is we can use our fingers to apply the BB Cream. The heat of of our skin will make the BBC adsorb faster ( compare to brush / sponge )

The event is held at Outback Steak House Kuningan City.
Their foods are so yummy.... 

Outback Steak

Banana and nut cake with vanilla ice cream

they served cream soup for appetiser, but I forgot to took the picture... the soup is vanished almost immediately into my stomach ( because it looks so delish & I'm carving for cream soup at that moment :p )

During the event they have twitter game, best makeup and best dress.
My friend Nita ( pink dress ) won the twitter game and the girl with green dress won best dress and best makeup .
Congratulation for both of you 

All speaker took photo together

Thank you Martha Tilaar Group for having me

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