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Taken at Lotte Shopping Avenue, after Shu Uemura event. I picked avant garde theme for Shu Uemura makeup competition.
Avant Garde ( French ) : are people or works that are experimental or innovative ( wikipedia )
I change my hair colour for quite awhile now ( I updated it on my instagram, do follow @leonitane ), quite eye catching. In person, the colour is not as yellow as in the picture, it's more to pale yellow ( almost white ). What do you think ? I'm thinking to insert a colourful hair colour. Sounds fun


Tried Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation and their infamous eyebrow pencil, and I love them immediately. These two directly straight to the top of my wishlist >.<
( all makeup from base to finishing with Shu Uemura's products )

Top : Japan
Skirt with suspender : Cindy Florentia (Instagram )
Deer Necklace : Dresslily
Selma Mini Messenger Bag : Michael Kors
Shoes : Reebok

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