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Went to Infare yesterday with Feegy, My schedule has been really hectic this month because of my college's project , ugh the nonstop group-work, bored already !

Got to meet fashion bloggers that usually I see through the screen. lol.
 I have to say the vibe is quite different with beauty bloggers circle ( can't explain it with words )

Enjoying my saturday night for awhile before back to my homework T__T.
Anyway, I can't believe March already come... February flies so fast.
Took this look with pocket camera, what do you think ? compare to my usual photos that I took with my smartphone or this pocket camera gives you more high quality photos ?

 Stripe Sweater  : The B Club
Polkadot Skort :  Uniqlo
H Belt  : Unbranded form China
Red Crossbody Bag : Unbranded
Rings : (X) S.M.L
Heels  : Charles & Keith

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