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grazia magazine, Indonesia, event,blogger,fashion, beauty,pancious,jakarta

About two weeks ago, I was invited by Grazia Magazine to attend their event, special for fashion & beauty blogger.

It was held at Pancious Plaza Indonesia. The event was different from any other event I attend before, and I have to say, this one is more...... enjoyable :)

grazia magazine, Indonesia, event,blogger,fashion, beauty

They already arranged our seat but I'm kinda ruin it because I changed my seat near my friend :p
also each seat were given that pink flower at their table. At first, I think it was fake ! eventually it's real.lol . Well, I'm not a flower girl, soo....yeah... lol

grazia magazine, pancious,Indonesia, event,blogger,fashion, beauty
 When I arrived at the venue, most of it still empty. I exactly come at 5 p.m
and that day traffic is so hideous so most people were still stuck on the road.

Each table was mixed between fashion and beauty blogger, but on my table, the other bloggers couldn't come (because of that traffic), in the end,  just me and other beauty blogger then.

grazia magazine, Indonesia, event,blogger,fashion, beauty
Source : Grazia Magazine Indonesia's twitter
Miss Monik accompanied us that day. She's the fashion director at Grazia ^^

We talked a lot, like what is it like to work in a magazine company, since when we become a blogger,etc...etc. just the usual conversation. Sharing information.something like that.hahaha
Other Grazia staffs also came to our table too (because our table is empty hehe) and you know, girls...so again ended up chit-chatting during dinner time.

grazia magazine,pancious, Indonesia, event,blogger,fashion, beauty

I ordered mushroom fettuccine which is my favourite in Pancious.

grazia magazine,pancious, Indonesia, event,blogger,fashion, beauty

For dessert we were served with pancake with blueberry with cream cheese & vanilla ice cream.

grazia magazine, Indonesia, event,blogger,fashion, beauty

The dress code is a touch of pink.

I wear :
Denim Shirt : Unbranded
Fuchsia jeans : Forever21
Boots : Forever21
Ring : Unbranded
Bag : Esprit

It supposed to be skinny jeans, but I lost many weights during holiday so... like you see on the picture, it becomes loose.

My friend also ask me, why don't I become a fashion blogger instead ? haha
well, I still want to blog about fashion, because I love fashion (just see at my yesterday post :p ) but to take an outfit picture I can't take it by myself T_T .

If I can, I'd love to share my outfits to you :D

After that, other bloggers came to our table to join and we acquainted with each other, they are fashion bloggers. Did chit-chatting also and at the end of the event, we take a picture together

grazia magazine, Indonesia, event,blogger,fashion, beauty
Source : Muses Wonderland's blog
after that I met with other bloggers to continue our chit-chatting until the mall close....
btw, if you want to know faster about my activities, follow my Instagram & Facebook Page ^^

Thank You Grazia Indonesia for inviting me

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