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Today I'm going to review two products at the same time ! *yeah*
As I remember, this is the first post I'm reviewing Japanese brand.

Also, I think, this is my first Japanese skincare for acne treatment. 

Somehow I like the foaming facial wash packaging more than the face lotion. The shape is so fitted with my hand grips. 
White-red colour? two of my favourite colours  :D

The foaming facial wash comes with a stopper on the bottle's neck.

It said that it cleaning and reducing sebum, fading acne scars to make face looks brighter and more radiant.

As I know Lauric Acid is another name for coconut oil, Potassium Hydroxide is one of main ingredients for acne treatment, Myristic Acid is come from nutmeg butter, and other ingredients (which I don't know what it is for) as you look on the picture :) 
Somehow, this product contains fragrance, thus, I'm not recommend this product if you have allergy with fragrance. Other than that, I think it's all okay ^^

I can notice the fragrance when I smelled it, and I think that, this is the most fragrant facial wash I ever use.

The size is 200 mL, it's huge. Usually, facial washes in the market have about 125 mL size for the largest size (200 mL size is usually for body wash, as I know)

Well, as its name foaming facial wash so it has foamy texture

It so foamy, I've tried couple of foam facial washes before, but I must say that this one, has thicker foam and it so gentle than other products that I've used.

After washing my face with this, my face feel so squeaky, oil free! then of course, no oil? brighten skin? :P

Sorry for blurry photo...I want to re-take it but the sticker is torn by me, accidentally. 
Use this lotion after washing your face. It contains Hyaluronic acid, fruit acid and lemon extract to make face looks fresher, smoother, free from blemishes, oil-free and remove dead skin cells.
Hyaluronic acid is used for moisturiser commonly. 
as you can see it contains alcohol, so if you have alcohol allergy, you might want to test it first :)

The size is 150 mL. Can last up to 6 months, I think, if you use it everyday, day and night.

the hole is quite big, so it easy to pour it onto the cotton.

so yeah, at first I get tricked by the name "lotion". At first, I thought it's really a lotion lotion. You know, lotion that I (or we) imagine is white cream liquidy texture, but I was wrong haha. 
this one has watery texture, more to toner I think.
That's why we have to use cotton to apply it but you can also use just your hands, if you want to.

It so watery :D

The alcohol scents is quite strong though, you can tell there's alcohol in it without seeing the composition chart.

After using this lotion (I like to use toner word, somehow), my face feel so fresh. Although it contains alcohol, it doesn't sting on my skin, I don't know how it can happen, honestly haha.

Other than these two, they (Cow Brand) also carried other SkinLife products for acne prone skin.
This line can be use for all skin type.
Btw, Cow Brand is a Japanese brand with a history over 100 years. Founded at Japan in 1909, which is (2013-1909 = ...) 104 years today.lol
You can read more about this brand here : www.cow-style.co.id

For SkinLife line, they have :

For foaming facial wash also come with refill pack. So you can use the bottle again and refill it. 
the refill size is 180 mL about IDR 38.000*, and the actual bottle size is 200mL (as I mention above) and the price is about IDR 58.000*. For face lotion, it's IDR 50.000*

Sadly, they don't have any travel size (yet) and the bottle is kind of bulky for travelling but with the stopper at the bottle's neck, I think it still can (if you insist :p) but I have to beware with the face lotion because it's just an ordinary cap bottle.

I found this cute picture on their website

hehehe, look at the cow (with a shirt!), it is so cute.

Before using photo
My face is clearer because I stayed at home (my room to be specify) like about almost 2 months.lol 
you know right? that I am sensitive to heat? :)

This is 3 days after using both of it. I got huge blemish on my cheek, because of my period :p
As you can see, even though I got my period, both products can press my breakouts, also my face is brighter, much much brighter than before.

About 1,5 weeks after using it. What I see obviously is my face brighten up so much and milias is lesser when I exposed my face to the sun.
But, I think if you have dry skin, you better put moisturiser after using the lotion, because it tend to make your skin drier, because of the alcohol I suppose. Suitable for oily skin then :D
You can find these products at Guardian, Papaya, Yogya, and Grandlucky (*pricing is might be different in every store )

Conclusion : 

# Brighten the skin
# Reduce Oil
# Contains alcohol (lotion) and fragrance (facial wash)
# Prevent breakouts
# Reduce blemishes
# Suitable for oily skin the most (for dry skin, you can use moisturiser afterwards)
# Affordable price

I love the foaming facial wash rather than the face lotion.

For more information about the products and brand, you can go here :
Facebook : Cow Style Indonesia
Twitter : @cowstyleID

Thank You Cow Brand

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