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source : www.alltreatment.com
First post on 1st August ^^
This time I want to write about Compulsive Buying Disorder.
Quite different from my previous posts, because I'm bored writing review right now and this time will contain A LOT of sentences (but I promise it will worth your time ).
On this post is my own story about this CBD, so in this post there will be some photos showing my wardrobe or cards. SO...if you are the one that hate this kind of post, DO read it.lol (maybe after you read it you won't hate it :p , )
*some sentences can be offensive

This post is all about my story and perspective about Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD). If you wondering, am I having this disorder ? honestly, I am not sure either. So, if you think "oh! this girl gets CBD" you can leave your comment below ^^ .
From my own opinion, I'm not or maybe I am, well sometimes? hehehe . I still can't believe myself writing this post *sigh*
For you who's already know that you have this disorder, maybe this post also can inspire you or gladly if this can help you :)

What Compulsive Buying Disorder is ?
Source : Wikipedia
Then I search about that Axis II disorder and it brings me to Personality Disorder
Not going to explain what that is in here. let's just focus on CBD

Let's start with my story :)
Do you see the first picture above? (of course you see it !). Have you ever experience it ?
Holding shopping bags with both hands until your arms hurt ?
Yes, I had and it happened a lot when I went to malls (and various midnight sale).

when I went to malls I didn't just shopped at my favourite brands, buy I entered each store one by one.
I observed each corners of the shops, yes, every single shop. except restaurants of course. I can't go in and out at restaurant just to look around right? haha and dept.store. I don't like shopped at dept.store, I don't why, maybe because of their design? 

If in this store I found something I like, of course I grabbed it, especially when it's on sale.lol.
then off to the next store and next and next and so on. 

Is it feel good ? of course! I'm not hypocrite. 
Do you feel regret after buying it ? 
Why do I regret it? I bought it, not steal it and I have the money too and the money is legal though ^^
So I concluded that I don't regret it at all, not even a little bit.hahaha
Do you shop till drop ? No, I don't because my "drop" time is at 5 o'clock in the morning, malls in here close at 10 o'clock. hehehe

If you think that, oh this girl must be from a rich family, her money is like leaves on the tree.
big " X " . I'm not from rich family at all. If you say I'm from middle class family, I accept it warm heartily :) . 
That's why I don't shop LV, Chanel, and other high end brands, because I still can't afford it.
Will you buy high end brands if you can afford it ? the answer is yes I will without consideration.

I remember I shopped every saturday after school with my friend when I was in high school. 
so every saturday I have new things.hehehe

I also tried many different restaurants , I bought many books from bookstores, and not to forget DVDs....

I bought 4 to 5 different glossy magazines every single month, and novels and some textbooks like "how to count faster" that kind of book hahaha.

Except malls, I also shopped at Mangga Dua too... but I always get shocked everytime I shopped there. Only in one store it costs me 500-900.000 rupiahs. Gosh, this one is the one I feel regret after. I really really shocked like "WHAT? 500.000?" 

The Bills
I spent about 1.5 - 2 million rupiahs everytime I went to mall to shop (include restaurants and bookstore) 
And you all know that my skin is very problematic, so I spent 500.000 - 1 million every month to maintain my skin
I spent 500.000 rupiahs for DVDs about every month. oh, I owned every single movie/series in my home, I can open dvds rental if I want to. When some people just specify their interest in movies, like " I just like western, I don't like asian series" or " I just like to watch Korean" , etc. 
For me, I just buy them all... western, korean, japanese,etc that the store has.
I always think that how can I know that this country has better story than that country if you never try it or just try it once? am I right? hehehe.
ahh... I do specify myself though. I don't buy if it has sad ending and sad storyline and if the guy is poorer than the girl. I can't watch that kind of story, I'll fall asleep.
and some extras like went to salon every month and massage :p
back to topic then,

The Money
I used to get 20.000 rupiahs everytime I went to school, never above 50.000 rupiahs until I graduated. 
Eveytime I wanted to go the mall of course I have to ask some money from my parents, regularly, my mom gave lesser than my dad. for example my mom gave me 300.000 rupiahs than my dad give me 500.000 rupiahs + another 200.000 rupiahs perhaps because I drove my own car, so if police stopped my car, I have the money, in short, emergency money.
Also I have some credit cards. 
At first I just have one credit card then one day it's over limit T__T, after that I get 2 more credit cards, so I have 3 credit cards in total. So, there's the money...oh and of course my debit card
I always use the credit cards though, I keep (not save) for everyday use, because I eat A LOT :p, I easily get hungry (even right now when I'm typing this post at 2:54)

The Magic Cards

The benefit of shopping a lot is you can have member cards, it means special discounts. 
I even collect them, I always ask the store if they have member card or not. The benefit ? you will be notified if they are having sale, special discount for your birthday, and the discounts itself, maybe I can say also the proud. people will know that you shop there and you're one of their member. I must say if you want to have member cards, they always have minimal purchase to get their member card, and most of it are expensive enough. That's why some feel proud have it, even post it on instagram like "yeay, got this member card", am I one of them ? maybe, or yes, I proud enough to show people that I have many member cards. 
And in the end of this post you will know another benefit of this cards. hahaha

More stuffs, more space
I also need more spaces to put my new stuffs right. 
I have this little secret that I keep all my clothes since I was in elementary school till now. 
I mean, I still wear them. yup it's still fit me except jeans,shorts,etc. So I really really need more space for my new clothes. In the end, I have 2 wardrobe in my room

one for my "home clothes" and one for "out clothes" 
If you say that "Nah, other girls have their own walking closet" well, I must remind you again...I'm not from a rich family. Just see around the photos, all shelves nearly touch the others haha. I do ask my own "walking closet" but there's no room left in the house T__T

but 2 wardrobes still not enough, then I just put them in this big trash plastic

Never wore them but I keep buying new things, you know, there's always new things in fashion :p

and also my beauty stuffs

Why I enjoy shopping ?
Easy, I like new things, I kinda hate to use same items again and again. Also I have this "power" feeling if I can get the things I want by buying it (not stealing it, it will make me feel worried then).
And do you know if you have shopping bag in your hand, you will be respected more than before you have shopping bag in your hand? so you will be served better (along with big smile and "thank you for coming" word )

Turning Points
Then, One day my family went bankrupt. All of my credit cards can be used anymore. I don't even get allowance for my college, my parents almost can't afford my college fees.
In conclusion, I can't shop anymore, and it come suddenly, like a lighting bolt. 
Just imagine I spent about 4-5 million rupiahs every month, then one day I even can't afford my daily shampoo. 
Am I shocked? of course yes, if the money gradually lesser, at least there's time I can adjust myself.
Yup, it still happens until now, my only income is from my online shop.  went to hang out with friends, eat at fancy restaurants, college expenses,etc I have to provide it by myself. Well, now it's much better at least I get 500.000 allowance every month but even I already can decrease my shopping habit, but for my skin, I can't, it will get worsen and worsen T_T ,so the allowance all go just for skin maintaining *poor me*

Then, I kind of regret why I don't save all the money and just use the credit cards. If I save the cash money previously, I won't be as shocked as that, right ? 
But if anyone ask me, am I regret have that lifestyle, I'm proudly said that I'm not, it's a good memories instead and I can't wait to make another memories like that again :P

Okay, that's my story.....
Now to know I have CBD or not, let's see this :

source : www.alltreatment.com

hiding ? nope, family and my friends (and now you) know about it
compulsive buying ?hmm...maybe... I never have "list to shop" if I go the mall :p but just say yes then
above my income ? should I say yes?  it wasn't before but now with my income it's a yes.
to improve my mood ? I always feel happy after I buy things but if I can't like right now, I'll feel sad but after maybe 10 to 15 minutes I forget about it already, so nope...
obsessing over money ? well, the truth is I always obsess with money.lol. but I won't do any "bad things" (you know what I mean *wink* ) to have money. so just skip this one .lol
lying about my shopping spree ? hmm, from parents ? yes it is T_T because of this bad skin *errr*

result : No, Yes, No, Yes, Yes (2 No , 3 Yes) 
so, I'm one of CBD victim then? *laughing at myself*

Okay now how to treat it :


eliminate credit cards ! yes I have, forcibly 
cash only ! without cc of course I have only cash now :(
shopping journal ! well, I can't do journal at all, I even can't keep my school journal haha
Tax myself ! no comment about this
ask myself ! this one is the most common one, and I do this thing and always ended up "yes, I need this...."
stay out of malls (and other places where I shop the most) ! first, I don't go to mangga dua anymore (it's been 2 years now and mangga dua is across my house :p , big effort right ? ) , malls...oh you can't stay away from malls if you live in Jakarta, we have about 150 malls and still counting and where do we go in Jakarta if it's not mall?

Also here's some tips with retail addiction help :
So what's the point of this post ?
here it is.
I think that being a CBD is not bad IF you CAN AFFORD IT. see on my story, I live happily when I can afford all my expenses. 
but if you can't afford the expenses then it will be worst enough to ruin your life.
All the expenses will become debts and you will get headache with that. Some people might be gone crazy because of that pressures. Like you have to choose shop? debts?shop?debts? huft, dizzy already...
I do feel worried and like I'm stuck when all the incomes stop suddenly. Then I'm trying to find business that can cover my expenses and in the same time I braked all my shopping desired as much as I can.
Well, the habits can't be easily pulled out just about a week though and immediately. I started to not go to my beauty treatments (skin treatment,massage,salons,etc), I don't buy glossy magazines anymore or if I want to, I chose the cheapest one from the one I regularly buy then one day not to read it becomes much easier.
I don't buy novels anymore (well, I don't need that "how to counts faster" kind of book now so no effort needed .lol ) I download e-book. the free one though so..it's free! and I can still read novels :p (btw, I now it's illegal to not paid it but that's the only option right? )
 I watch movies online. the free one also of course.
I use my member card discounts or redeem my points . Now, this is the other benefit I talking about. haha you still can get cheaper price :)

Some people also sell their un-wanted / useless things they bought. But it doesn't work for me T__T because I love collecting things even paper bills :p

Sleep as much as I can on holiday.  Like this holiday, I sleep from 6 a.m to 5 p.m so I don't go out, if my friends calling, I won't get tempted :p well, you will become a little bit anti-social.
Being anti-social means search+saving all money you can get during that time. After that you can hang out with your friends again with your deep pocket *yeay*

Don't do weird thing for searching your income.
Like selling yourself. ouch, girls (or boys), you have this CBD because you want to be look good in people's eyes and what's the point of having the money if people already know that you sell your body? you will just be a cheap body with expensive clothes along with accessories. 
If you think "Nah, nobody knows" who said that? even I can find my friend's friend ex-boyfriend just in a minute by just search it on google...hahaha. 
At least hold on your dignity ^^
Shop Lifting/Robbery/Fraud, etc
I think this one just waste your energy both physic and brain! haha. You know planning a robbery needs brain, right? or you'll get caught immediately, so just go to sleep like I do then :p
Because if you get caught, you will go to jail and you have TO PAY the fine too and you don't get anything at the end :( . Worst, we can't go to shopping anymore because we are in jail....
and any other things that I can't think of....
ah... I know and don't kill yourself whether you desperate enough to die. who said die is easier than living ? what if after you die you don't go to heaven nor hell but you stuck in this world and become a ghost? you just can see the things you want but you can't touch it or even wear it or if you insist you can, who will see it then?? -___-

I gave you my story not to be pitied or looking for sensation or what thought that across to your mind but I'm doing this to give clear pictures. so you don't have to imagine what CBD like. Wait! now I claimed myself have CBD.hohoho
 And you can learn from my story, in the end if I can afford it, but once I can't afford it, I need all my strength to keep my body and brain stay sane to not to use all of my money to shop. because in this world sometime we are up in the air and just in a sec we already at the bottom.

Last but not least, what do you think of Compulsive Buying Disorder ?? Is it just part of enjoying life or not ?

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