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Merry Christmas to you all ! I know it's late to say it, but better late than not at all, right? 
Actually, I want to post this post exactly on 25th , but... I'm was on lazy mode that day. Just lay on my bed reading e-book. lol. 

Nevertheless, I already "decorate" my blog for Christmas. Changed the songs into christmas songs, added snow fall and change the background into light blue to make "cold mood". Just imagine, cold weather with christmas song, you will feel the warmth inside :D

If you wonder that I celebrate christmas or not. Well, I never celebrate anything actually. I'm not the celebrate type, hmm... I'm more to loner type. But, if people invite me to their parties, I still come though, just to have fun and eat *coughing*.

That's it no more nonsense words. 

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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