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Yesterday, I got invited by Kiehl's to their bloggers' gathering. 
 I'm so excited to go to Kiehl's because Kiehl's products are on my next year wishlist ! 
In the event, they explained us (beauty bloggers) about their upcoming products, and I think all of you will be excited as well, because they will launch *ppeeepp* ( I will tell you later :p )

(courtesy : Carnellin (whileyouonearth.blogspot.com)

At first, They told us the history of Kiehls!

 As you can know (because it's already on their banner) Kiehl's established in 1851 in New York. For the first time, Mr. Kiehl named his store Kiehl Pharmacy. 
You will notice that every Kiehl's store, there must be Mr.Bones. Because Mr.Kiehl was a doctor, he use skeleton to explain his patient about their disease. Then after that, Mr.Bones become Kiehl's ambassador. 
Some of you might be not know what is Kiehl's, because they never release any ads, they promoting their products by samples. Whenever you come to their store and consult with their consultant (they even prepare consultation table!), they will give you samples. So they want their products speak by itself. Myself actually really love samples. Maybe because it's free.lol. but another reason is because if the product is not suitable for me, I won't have regret feeling at all. 
But, as you know I have love-hate relationship with samples. When it comes to sachet and the content is liquid, after I open it, I was so so frustrated where I should put it! So, I think they better use something like a small tubes or I don't know bottle maybe, so it will stand by itself and it will be more hygiene. am I right? :)
Last but not least about Kiehl's history, their formulations are made with the finest naturally-derived ingredients. But, they also told us that it's impossible to not using chemical at all, but it guarantee that their chemical ingredients are safety and less.

 This is their new product. Aromatic Blends. I got the travel kit, but I haven't smell it. And this products are their breakthrough for this year. For the first time they release aromatic thingy :)

 This is their this year special edition,  specially designed by Kenny Scharf and all of this products selling, 100% of their profit will be donated. 

 I really like the design. It so colorful and fun, also I really love abstract painting.

Then they shared to us their upcoming products! *yeay*
 Kiehl's took their customers' feedback that they need more hydration for their skin. So here it is! 

This is what you all going to scream out loud. Kiehl's will release BB Cream! 
 It has 3 shades. Natural, Fair and Light, I get the natural shade sample. Their BBC has SPF 50 PA++ , I just know that BBCs in the market have SPF 30 to 35 PA ++ so far, so this product will be a winner when it comes to SPF protection. And their BBC is more to skincare, so it will suitable for sensitive skin. I will give a short review about this BBC later.

They also will launch new anti wrinkle cream. I like the consistency. The eye cream is watery than the face cream in my opinion. 

After having consultation about my current problems, well it always about my acne problems :p 
It's time to go home now, oppsie! I mean time to hanging out with fellow bloggers.
Time to say goodbye to Kiehl's staff. All of them are so nice and funny, talk to them is like having no burden to buy at all.lol.
With Kiehl's staff and goody bag (top : Cloth Inc, Jeans : ASOS, Shoes & bag : Charles&Keith, Necklace & ring : Forever21
I will definitely keep the bag! 

Samples that they give to me after consultation, notes, aromatic blend travel kit (love the pouch) and a sample of BB Cream
And I will tested all of the samples from now on. I want to started today but, I can't resist to try the acne blemish treatment. So, I tested yesterday. Just use it for one time and here's the quick result.
 After using makeup for entire day, my face starting to breakouts again *sigh*
Then, apply Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. It has 1.5% of salicylic acid. It's quiet high but I already use 2% of salicylic acid so it won't cause me dryness :p.

This is after 2 or 3 hours after I applied it

Well, I must say the redness much lessen. But let's see after a whole week using all of the series.

Thank You Kiehl's Indonesia for inviting me!!

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Thank You...

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