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Today, I'm going to review Kiehl's Blue Herbal series that I have been using for a week. Blue Herbal are Kiehl's products for acne treatment. It suitable for oily skin.
Could this products works for me? Let's check it out !

So, I get a chance to tried their cleanser, astringent lotion, moisturizer and acne blemish control daily skin - clearing treatment

kiehls,blue herbal,acne treatment
 I must say, this cleanser really freshening my face. I kinda like washing my face when using this cleanser. It gives me cooling sensation. The contents itself, even they named it gel, it's nothing like gel at all, is just like water. I didn't smell any scents at all. This is surely will be my favorite cleanser.

kiehls,blue herbal,acne treatmentWhen I was having consultation at Kiehl's back then, they asked me if I ever use alcohol to my face (you know, some people use alcohol to make the blemish dried faster) and I said I never use it but I thought that some of my acne medicines might be contains it. They said that because this astringent have alcohol in it and when I smelled it, well, the alcohol scents kinda strong. But, I thought "nah, it's okay, my face sure can handle it" but the advisor tell me to use the moisturizer. 
I just use my body shop toner like forever because it's my favorite, so this product is my second. The different between them is, my body shop toner (tea trea series), after I applied it, I feel tingling sensation, and I was thinking that maybe all of the toner kinda thing is always like that, so when the first time I was apply this astringent, I already prepare for the tingling (which I aware because of the alcohol in it), then after the first dab I was "huh? I feel nothing?". Using this astringent make my face even brighter, it might be because of the oil on my face is gone. Surely, this one also will be my favorite. *oh no, I'm starting to favorite all of it*

kiehls,blue herbal,acne treatment
 I must confess to you all, that I never use moisturizer at all, it's not because I'm lazy (well, maybe it is) but my face is quiet oily so I thought that using moisturizer again will just make my face even stickier and shinier. I don't like my hair sticks on my face, I believe it will make my face even breakouts.
Well, this moisturizer is my first one, and I'm quiet happy that this moisturizer didn't give me any trauma, because it doesn't sticky at all! But, I must say that I hate the smells. However, I still love this moisturizer !

Not using any creams always been my insecurities. I'm afraid that if I don't use it, my acne will re-appearing. So, I asked Kiehl's if they have any of them, then they gave me this Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. And I must admit that this cream is my most favorite acne cream so far. Because it doesn't sticky ! and make my face looks matte. So I just can wear this cream whenever I'm going out for awhile. 
The effect on me is not quite fast as others acne cream that I had before. It's still effective though. But, I'm so thrilled with this cream. Luckily (or not), when I'm trying this series, I'm having my period, so you know, when girls having their pre-period, it gives us breakouts. And these series help me to prevent the crazy breakouts that I used to have. 

As usual, I already made "photo documentation" when I'm using Kiehl's Blue Herbal series along with Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment.

kiehls,blue herbal,acne treatmentkiehls,blue herbal,acne treatment
 This is the first time I'm using Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment. The night after I got back from Kiehl's ( I have posted this photo when I wrote Kiehl's event post)

kiehls,blue herbal,acne treatmentkiehls,blue herbal,acne treatment 
(after few days using the series) before using the (astringents, moisturizer and Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment ) 
kiehls,blue herbal,acne treatment
 After using astringents, moisturizer and Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment
 (see? it makes my face matter)

kiehls,blue herbal,acne treatmentkiehls,blue herbal,acne treatment
Few days later

kiehls,blue herbal,acne treatmentkiehls,blue herbal,acne treatment

kiehls,blue herbal,acne treatment

As you can see, The breakouts slowly disappeared and my face look brighter. *excuse my "today" face picture, my face looks swollen, I got sick :( *
Well, the series performance kinda get hard time I think, because I'm having my period, but they did a great job, I didn't have any blemishes, the breakouts stay in control.
Also, after I applied these series, when I touched my face, it was sooo smooth, I'm having hard times to keep my hands down to touching my face. 

Conclusion, I love these series, but I think a week still not enough for my breakouts to be healed entirely, seen from how bad my breakouts is (or I could say was :p ).
And people around already didn't say how bad my acne is.

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