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Do you have any problem after opening samples? because I do. And that problem is the reason why I hate using sample, sometimes. 

After I open it, I don't know where to put the rest of the contents. I'm too stingy to buy tubes. 
Then, I found my old contact lens cases. I have a lot! Every time I bought new lenses, it comes with a cases and I wear contact lens everyday. All of this abandoned cases will safe my samples and pennies.lol.

I will depotting my samples to my contact lens case.

Okay, not to much words, here are the steps !!

 1. Prepare your "abandoned" case, wash it with your face wash*. Dry it using towel.
*the reason using face wash is because my samples are for my face so it's better to using face wash instead of body wash, well it's just myself precaution.

2. Prepare the sample or anything you want to depot.
This time I use my skin food cleanser. Well, I won't put any cleanser samples to cases or tubes actually because it's pretty convenience to carry sachet cleanser if we on a trip, I just have this sample left, so.... better than have nothing :P

 3. Time to depot it! 

4. I suggest to not to fill it too much, remember you have to close it so give the cap "a room".

5. The last thing you should do is named it*! so you won't get confused.
*Don't named the case permanently, I use paper and scotch tape so after this content run out, I just take the tape off, and fill the case with another sample. Where are you going to write down your next sample's name if you wrote it permanently? 

That's it! as simple as it seems.

Speaking of contact lens, I tried wearing contact lens few days ago. I wore it from 3 p.m to 10 p.m and sadly, my eyes still can't bear it! The irritation came again, urgh! I'm so sick of it...
my eyes got dried and the redness started again. In the normal condition, I can wear contact lens from morning to the next morning and didn't get dry.

here's a pic after I use contact lens.

 And the other bad news is I breakouts again, crazily! every people I met, they always ask me this : "why your breakouts become like that?" or "euuw, what happen to your face?" 
then I just said "I don't wear any medicine" and the question is coming again and this time with "advice?" : "why do you always need meds? you always use meds from the start, you should stop it, if the breakouts  gone and don't always the change the meds" 
Well, this is what happen when I stop my "breakouts medication" even there's no breakouts on my face 

(Right - Left side)
Aha-oh-yeah, breakouts is in the house! *crazy*

My breakouts start from my bottom cheeks to my upper neck. The breakouts keep going lower. The first time I got breakouts, it was just on my forehead then it stops for awhile because of the meds I used. Then, it started again, my cheeks and nose this time taking meds again, it stopped. Nowadays, my lower cheeks and neck. And I think everybody knows why I always changing my meds, well, incase you don't know, I get immune to meds easily, my breakouts actually. The first and second month the medication really works then months later it didn't work at all. I'm going to use Aztec healing clay this time, I haven't try it yet. let's hope this time I don't get immune again.lol.

Hoah! many things happen this year. my economic situation also still around. I really can't wait for 2013, I hope my life much much better next year because this year is one truly hell for me. Well, I don't believe with this 20-12-12 doomsday thingy, too soon to end all of this , in my opinion. 

Not but least, my excuse being M.I.A, it been a rough weeks for me, I don't have time to do blogging, I barely touch my computer! like at all!  It's not final exam like everybody else, in my case is pre-final exams. In my college life, final exams means nothing. Projects means everything.lmao. I'll have holiday in 2 weeks. yeay!

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