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 On Friday, I was invited by Shiseido to attend their autumn winter 2012 make up launching and also celebrating their 140th anniversary at Glow, Plaza Indonesia.

Because this post contains a lot of photos and videos, I will only wrote the main point and let the photos and videos as well to describe how the event was :)

I'm pretty excited to attend this event because this is my first time meeting all of the IBB (Indonesia Beauty Blogger). yeay!!

I thought I'm going to late due to my class schedule had been extended for half an hour! Gladly, it didn't happen.

 This is the venue where the event was held. When I arrived, I don't know nobody so I just sit quietly, trying to adapt with the situation. As you can look at the photo, the chair still empty most of them and I don't know what should I do... Should I like fill some guest list? but where is it? and where is Shiseido's staff anyway?. That question hanging around for couple minutes. Then I saw the crowd at the corner of the venue, finally I see the guest list desk! I don't know, is this just me that feeling that the venue is kinda disorientated?

 I also tried their Lacquer Rouge number RD 309. It's their new lipstick product and the other product is Refining Foundation.

Inner top : Gaudi , Blazer : Gaudi , Belt : Unbranded , Jeans : Unbranded, Bag : Unbranded , Shoes : Charles & Keith
Me, docciinkakak, romacchiato, lynlyne, museswonderland , Nadia
 With fellow bloggers. Just met and know them for the first time :)
well, I met and acquainted with many bloggers but I always have a problem remembering others name. I often get mixed up.lol.

On the photo, my lips using Lacquer Rouge. Well, I pick natural color because I use minimum make up that time. (just primer + powder foundation and mineral veil). 

The models!

Miss Inayama is applying Lacquer Rouge on model. This is not a stick lipstick but a liquid lipstick.

Close Up look

Close Up look
 Sorry for bad quality, because I had to zoom my camera because my sit is far from the "stage"
 Miss. Hisako Inayama and the MC

At first the MC proudly called us "fashion" blogger then after a little bit break (waiting for Ms. Inayama come to the stage), Carnellin told the MC that we're "beauty" bloggers :)
 IBB's staffs using Laquer Rogue and giving testimonials

Other IBB's staffs, using the Refining Foundation!

And here are the videos!

 (PART I : Ms. Inayama explain about Lacque Rouge Lipstick)

(PART II : Make Up Show)

(PART III : Ms. Inayama Make Up Demo )

Last but not least. Goody Bag!! I love goody bag :p
Vouchers, fragrance, men's fragrance, samples

(courtesy : IBB facebook group)

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