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 On 22 to 23 September, my univ had a study trip and we went to Bandung. I will not telling you the entire trip because I think it's to boring. What I want to share to you is the last place we visited on our trip. It's Nyoman Nuarta Art Gallery. 

At first, I didn't know who he is. Even on location, I still had no idea what we're going to see. "are we going to see painting gallery?" that question always on my mind. When I arrived at the location, I still didn't get excited. When we gathered up, the guide showed up then starting to babbling about what we're going to see and bla...bla..bla... He always said " Pak Nyoman Nuarta" (Sir Nyoman Nuarta) bla...bla..blaa... and my mind starting to screaming "who the hell is he". Maybe the guide hearing my mind screaming, he said that Nyoman Nuarta is the man who build "Garuda Wisnu Kencana" the famous name is GWK (when I googled his name, he already on wikipedia, I'm so out of date!) yup! the GWK statue in Bali. Well, I never see GWK before, whenever I visiting Bali always skipped the GWK part. sorry Mr.Nyoman! As you all know that GWK statue haven't finished yet. Hmm, as I can remember it's because of economic problems back in 1997 and it said that if this statue finished, it will beat the Liberty Statue in USA. Most of his artwork are made of copper. The guide said it's because copper is everlasting.

This is the statue of GWK (the smaller size in Bandung).
GWK miniature

This is the face mold of Wisnu for GWK 

This is how to make a statue from copper or metal.

Back years ago when the computer designing still unpopular or maybe doesn't exist yet, He using clays for the mold. And look at the clays, I'm thinking of Dinosaurs poo.lol. 

 This is the mold that using clays. So amazed!

After looking of his entire artworks in the gallery, I realize that he so cares with this country (Indonesia) and nature. There's a statue about "shark fin soup" then also a statue about Bali's bombing, etc. Sadly, we can't take picture inside the gallery. 
Looking of his artworks, my mind starting to thinking again "why are some part of the statue like threads?". After walking around alone, I saw the guide again, I'm starting to longing my ear (what words is that.lol.) to hear what he's saying. One of the student also ask the same question just like on my mind, the guide said because Mr.Nyoman don't want to be stiff, so the threads is the symbolize and I think it's his trademark. Also the guide told us, when he was still in college, his professor (dosen in Indonesia) against it. As we can know, most of statues are solid. Well, I know your feeling Mr.Nyoman, when I designing (I have a motto, less is more just like Mr.Van der Rohe) my professor always against it. The guide also said "well, look at now, he (Mr.Nyoman) is famous and what about his professor?". Hmm, good sentence Mr.Guide, I will told all of my professors this sentence when I'm rich (let's hope famous too) because of designs ("I'm rich (and famous) now, there are people who like my design and what about you sir?" lol).

Do you want to know other famous statue by Mr. Nyoman Nuarta? taddaa... Arjuna Wijaya statue in Jakarta. I always said it "Patung Kuda" (Horse statue) whenever person who I'm going to meet near Thamrin or Sudirman or let's say near Monas.
Arjuna Wijaya statue
This is the "trademark" of Mr.Nyoman Nuarta that I meant.
(courtesy : ajilbab.com)
See? there's like kind of threads!

So inspiring! I'm so glad visiting this gallery for the last place. The good one always on the last (my other favorite quote).

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