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I can't think other title than "Top Search on My Blog"
I sometimes (psst..honestly, it's regularly) check my blog traffic. On blogspot, it's called "stats". It's the new feature on blogspot and I get addicted to it. I always want to know what my readers' read, so this feature really help me a lot. Then, I found something that really cute...

I found my name and my favorite foods on the top search keywords. 
and even "gunting", scissors in English is on the 3rd list. Hmm, so interesting....
Also my green tea cheesecake and udang goreng mayonaise (Fried Shrimp with mayo) are on the top search. Well, those two are really yummy, right? and my name too... lol. 

The first one is Sephora in Indonesia (gets 25 + 6 search). So, everybody curious about Sephora Indonesia. Maybe I can help you a little bit. Sephora will be open their first store in Indonesia at Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta. I don't know it's already fix or not, but about 2 or 3 months ago,I checked Kota kasablanka Facebook Page, they wrote Sephora name, then I tweeted Kota Kasablanka saying that I'm really happy that Sephora will be open their first store in Indonesia, then Kota Kasablanka said that they will inform me, if the store open (well, I know they won't inform me personally, just tweet it so I can read it). Let's hope that Sephora really open their store in here sooner and also I keep crossing my fingers, hopefully the prices are not too high so everyone still can afford it.

I also checked my audience and Indonesia is my most viewers, really happy about it.

Then the second is from US. I really thankful for all of my viewers/visitors for visiting, reading even commenting and sometimes following my twitter. I feel so blessed that my blog already has 6.286 visitors for just 2 years and I just really keep updating my blog for a year in 2012. Maybe some people likes my blog and keep coming back or some just said "what the hell she writing about?",there's no comment like that, I just imagined it, because my English grammar still disorderly, again I apologize about it dear you all...

This results makes my spirit of writing up and up *firing* !

How about you? Have you check your blog stats? any interesting stuffs? 
for you who doesn't have blog... do you want to write a blog too? let's blogging!

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