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nyx, nyx makeup, eyebrow cake powder, eyebrow powder, dark brown
 I have problem with eyebrows. Even my hair growth hormone is different with another girls, my hair is thick, I have many hair all of part of my body but my eyebrows really bald! It's so annoying, the part that should have thick hair, in reality it's really thin. After a long search, I bought this NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. 

 I also bought E.L.F treat and tame but after I try to use it, it just so not natural for me. Then, I decided that eyebrow mascara type are not suitable for me. 
I bought this at ULTA for $6.00 

The white one (on picture it's look like yellow) is the wax. The wax is needed to make the powder stay still on your eyebrows. On the cap they wrote "For Those Movie Star Brows" and my brain is starting to think "is this mean that give me the natural brows or the glam brows?". 

NYX also gave us some tools (slanted brush and round wand) so it's easy to take them anywhere. 

nyx, nyx makeup, eyebrow cake powder, eyebrow powder, dark brown
This is how my brows looks like. The hair is so few and far between so from the far it's looks like a bald eyebrows. *excuse my zits on my forehead, I think I'm gonna have my period*

Let's take a look after using NYX Cake Powder
nyx, nyx makeup, eyebrow cake powder, eyebrow powder, dark brown
I'm just using it on my right eyebrow (on photo it's on left side), I don't use it on my left eyebrow to make the comparison easily. As we can see above, my right eyebrow looks thicker and natural. I kinda like my right eyebrow, the other problem is I can't draw eyebrow correctly.  I need more practice!!

Actually, this is the third time drawing my eyebrows. The first and second time was junior high school, I'm taking dancing class, so there was a make up session, but I have to draw the bold eyebrows that suitable for the dancing type which is traditional dance. I can't explain it but the point it's just look so fake on my face. 

Re-Purchase : Recently thought is a YES, but it will took a long time to finish this kit. Because I don't really like drawing my eyebrows, just still feel confident with my actual eyebrow.
Sometimes or most of the time, people didn't notice about eyebrow, let's say Monalisa. I just found out that Monalisa didn't have eyebrows when I read an article about it.

How about you? what's your magic weapon to make your eyebrow perfect? 

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