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Finally, I can post about fashion stuff... if you read my blog from the first time, you'll feel that I change my direction from fashion blogger to beauty blogger, but...no! I still want to be a fashion blogger (just look at my right bar side, I'm still the part of independent Fashion blogger. lol). I have money crisis now (yes, I still have the same money crisis for 2 years, happy money crisis to me T__T ) so, I can't buy many new fashion stuffs, I still bought some but it's just T-shirt or shirt for casual day so I don't have any interest to post on my lovely blog. Soo... after about a year (is it right?) here's my fashion post....

Forever21 shoes
 This is my second sneakers! yup, I just have 2 sneakers and 1 sport shoes. I'm not a big fans of shoes, I don't feel comfortable using them, my toes will have blisters and it's too flat, my feet will tried. I always love heels, walking in heels are more comfortable for me, I have like a dozen of heels and just have 3 shoes hihihi.
I love the tip of this shoes! the color is army green and on the tip there's a gold color, it brings this sneaker to the next level by added the gold tip. I got this shoes for free... I just need to pay the shipping cost from US-Indo. I own an online shop that open PO for F21 USA then when F21 USA have buy 1 get 1 program, one of my customer didn't take the free one so I chose this shoes (it cost $9.99)! very happy with this!!
But, sadly I still have blisters using this sneakers ( I already use socks). It's not because the shoes I think, many people I ask feel okay to wear their sneakers!
Then, a month later I found this sandals is on sale at ASOS.com. It costs $25.87 (was : $69.98). The brand is Blink. It has two colors silver and dahlia (dahlia color is cheaper than the silver). I want to wear this sandals everyday, so I chose the silver one.

Courtesy : asos.com
As the picture shown above, I adore the heels, on the screen the heels is transparent, I think the heels made of some kind of glass. It's pretty unique right! Then, when they arrived at my house, this is how the heels look like! 

It's just a silver sticker. I feel a little bit disappointed but after I tried them on, the sandals so comfortable... 
really excited to wear this sandals tomorrow!!!

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