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Do you know what Bacne is? Bacne is the abbreviation of back acne. Yup! acne on your body called bacne. Some people don't know this acne or let's say not to familiar. Not like acne on face, nowadays, when people see acne on someone face, they just ignore it, but on backne, people will stare at you because it's weird that you have acne on your body. People will think that you are slouchy. In fact, bacne cause just like acne (on the face). Well, there's also person can get bacne because of self hygiene but if you get shower everyday you still can get bacne.
On my case (yes, I have bacne too ~_~ ), I get acne because of my hormone and genes. My father also has bacne, so it's just like a fate, I'm suffering from bacne. My bacne get worsen everytime I feel hot. Hot whether, a room that doesn't have air conditioner or fans so my body will feel hot, etc. Those condition can make my bacne and acne worsen. Okay, let's stop talking my boring story about acne...
I still can't get rid of it... everytime the temperature become to hot, the acne starting to come back, so this bacne is become the part of my life...

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My way to get rid of bacne :
1. Of course I have to take a bath twice a day. I'm using The Body Shop tea tree body wash
The Body Shop Tea Tree Body wash
2. Then, I spray my Murad Claryfying Body Spray
Murad Claryfying Body Spray
This body spray is the medicine of bacne, I like this body spray, it has 360 degrees spray, so it can be spray up and down. After using this my back feel itchy (the medicine beginning to works!) and the day after, the redness starting to disappear. Sadly, I run out this spray and it's so expensive ($37 for 4.3 FL.OZ). So, I change this spray to Murad exfoliating acne treatment gel which I also use for my face. It helps too but not as good as body spray. (bacne is harder to rid of then acne)

3. Scrubing
I scrub about every month or twice a month with The Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Scrub
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Before, I use The Body Shop Olive textured body scrub which is the scrubs harsher than wild cherry but I like the result, makes my body look cleaner, brighter. But I also like this wild cherry scrub. 

4. Using Baby powder
This is the additional, if I see a baby powder I put some on my body, to cool down my body also I'm liking the baby powder scents.

5. Mask
Sometimes I use my Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque to make the acne dries quicker.

My tips for bacne :
1. Try to use loose clothes, to let your skin breath and for me, wearing tight clothes make me feel hot.
2. Wash your hair first, then continue to wash your body. This way is to prevent your hair dirt clinging on your back/body.

Bacne not always just on the back but also can be on shoulders, upper arms, neck, chest,even buttocks.

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