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strawberry, heavenly blush, jakarta, indonesia, yogurt drink
 This is the new product of heavenly blush. Yogurt drink in a box, they already have yogurt drink in bottle before and I like them very much! This yogurt drink only costs IDR 6.000 for 200ml and I got 10% off using my heavenly blush member card (I'm a member card addict you know, always collecting member card). the yogurt is without preservative at all. 

strawberry, heavenly blush, jakarta, indonesia, yogurt drink
It's written in Indonesian, so I will translate it in Englis.

" Heavenly Blush yogurt drink, the right alternative to get milk nutrition in enjoyment yogurt. High calcium, low fat, low sugar and equipped with prebiotic (Inulin and GOS) yogurt is packaged aseptically so the quality is guaranteed and without preservative. "
(apologize if there's something wrong with the grammar, still have issue with it)

Well, I like this yogurt drink but I think I prefer the yogurt drink in the bottle, it has chopped fruit so I feel like drinking and eating fruits at the same time. (I will review the yogurt drink in bottle soon!)

Heavenly Blush is my favorite frozen yogurt brand in Jakarta, the yogurt not to sour and not to sweet. I like the pomegranate flavor. 

Eat / drink yogurt is good for your health! yogurt also good for your skin too, because yogurt contains a lot of vitamins. Some people also use yogurt for face or hair mask, I never tried it (same reason, lazy... ahh, why am I so lazy? )
I regularly bought yogurt drink so I can drink whenever I want.
It's good for diet too. lol. I don't like eating fruit, actually I like eating fruit but I'm too lazy to peel or cut them, I don't like eating some kind of vitamin pills, feeling like I'm a weak person have to carry pills whenever I go, so yogurt is the best choice for me.

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