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It's been ages I didn't post anything about food. Today, I wanna share my most favorite candy....
Well, this candy quiet hard to get... or let's say, extremely hard. If you google it, you won't find anything about this candy. I, myself know this candy because years ago when my aunt went to Japan, she bought this candy for souvenir. Actually she didn't buy this brand (Fujitama sweet almond), the packaging that she bought was thinner and longer, not like a box...oughh, it's really hard to explain how it looks like! 
Then, months ago my friend went to Japan for vacation, and I ask her to find this candy, and she bought me this brand. 

Let me tell you, this candy is super duper good! The one that my aunt bought is tastier than this brand, but this brand is also tasty. 
I don't know how much it costs because it's a gift, but I think it's quiet pricey (well, in Japan everything is expensive, right? ). 

The packaging so simple but the outer packaging there's a Japanese girl wearing kimono, which is so cute. The inside packaging really simple (as you can see above).
How can this simple candy become my favorite candy? The answer is, you must taste it!! and you'll ask for more. 

This is how the candy looks like. The outer is made from milk powder and inside there's an almond. The mixing between milk which is sweet and savory and when you bite it, the almond just cracked and you'll taste the saltiness of the almond. Can you imagine that? taste so heavenly...
For me, one per day is really not enough. I have to force myself to not eat this candy more and more, because it's really hard to find and I have to buy this candy directly from Japan also it's expensive. lol. 

The different between my aunt bought with this brand is , the one that my aunt bought has more milk powder, so it's bigger and of course tastier.

Have you ever tried this kind of candy? or maybe you have tried this candy... does anyone know where to buy this delicious candy other than in Japan?
let me know....

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