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queen helene, mint julep masque, mask, green mask

I know that a lot of people/bloggers reviewed this mask, honestly I know this mask also from youtube. So far, this is my favorite mask. I never use mask regularly like any girls in this world. First, I'm too lazy and second whenever I tried a mask I get breakouts! I don't know how it can happens to me...

Then I heard about this mask, I searched it... many people recommend this and look at the point of size and price it's pretty reasonable to try it. I bought it from ULTA for $3.99 , Drugstore.com sells it too but the price a little bit higher than ULTA, $4.71. Of course I chose the cheaper one. lol.

This mask helps dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores. This why I get tempted with this mask. All of my skin problems can be cure with this product? temptingg...

The size is 8oz, and it said that they give 33% more for bonus. A lot people say that the size is very big, but I still feel it's not enough. 

queen helene, mint julep masque, mask, green mask
It contains : water (aqua) , kaolin, bentonite, glycerin, zinc oxide, proylene glycol, sulfur, chromium oxide greeens, fragrance, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben. 

One of the ingredient that can help cure or prevent acne is sulfur, and methylparaben is an antimicrobial agent, use for preventing acne I guess...

queen helene, mint julep masque, mask, green mask
It's a paste mask. I like this kind of mask, no messy at all and easy to use.
The paste is watery but still has a thick consistency, so there's no dripping thingy that make me to clean my floor or change my clothes.

For directions, apply the mask and let it dry about 15 minutes then rinse with warm water and a washcloth. 
But, my way is different maybe way too different. I apply it at night then go to sleep and rinse the next morning. I'm not suggesting this way for dry skin type.

This mask gives a minty sensation on skin and after the mask dry, it tighten... I kinda like this tighten feeling. It shows that the mask works for me, in my opinion. 

queen helene, mint julep masque, mask, green mask
The picture above is taken about an hour after I applied the mask. The mask became to white color and my pores are visible. It's like wearing an oil film, you can see the pores.  

After I washed the mask, my face looks brighter, maybe because of the mint, so my face looks fresher. Fresh face make it looks brighter. Then some of my pimples dried up, some didn't.
I don't see any changing with my blackheads or pores, it takes time I think. 

But, let me warn you, if you have a dry skin type, apply moisturizer after use this mask because this mask will dry your skin. I don't have any dryness after I used it but when I use this mask all day long (from morning to night), I notice that my skin is dryer, I found some areas  that are peeling, not a worse peeling ( I can't explain it correctly, maybe you get it what I wanna try to describe).  I just let it happened, my oily skin can fix it, the next day the flakes disappeared.

Overall, I like this mask. The best mask I tried so far.

Re-purchased? Of course, I make myself to not to buy another tube after the first time I tried this mask. 

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