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I just join this fake cosmetics group that open my eyes wider!
I already know there're many fake cosmetic & perfumes in the market and many people don't know how to identify them!

Many years ago, I just look at the packaging. I'm pretty proud with my eyes, they can "scanning" which one is fake and which one is real for all fashion thingy & cosmetics stuffs, but I also sure that some of my eyes scanning probably are wrong or missed.

this is my opinions about fake cosmetics and perfumes :
1. I feel ashamed when I use any fake products, so I never bought something if I know it's fake. But, this is just my self esteem    no offense.
2. My skin is very sensitive, even a good product can ruin my face. no need to explain why I don't use fake cosmetics rite?!
3. Skin cancer! I don't know this is true or not, but I think it's make sense. I'm really afraid of it
I make a little searching about the dangerous ingredients here ! and some or maybe all of the fake cosmetics contain of that ingredient.

1. the reason is same with cosmetics section
2. fake perfume doesn't last long 
3. sometimes the scents are sucks! smell bad, the scents could be too strong or fishy. 
4. My mom told me that her previous boss which an old grandma that don't know anything, bought a cheap fake perfume and when she spray it, flies starting to come!

In my conclusion, fake products especially cosmetics and perfumes are a big NO! NO!
it's so dangerous!

and this is how to identify fake cosmetics
1. Combine the PRICE
search their official price !
for example : if you find a seller that sell a Bobbi Brown powder for just $10 ( around IDR 100.000) , but when you search their actual price is $36 (around IDR 360.000), hmm.... so suspicious! how can a seller get a very low price? wholesale? they know Bobbi Brown's distributor?
I think there's no wholesale discount for branded items and in my opinion, a famous brand will not allow their official distributor / supplier to sell they products as free as they want. 

2. Look at the PACKAGING
is this brand has ever release a product like it? you don't know anything about cosmetics world? go search it on google or any other searching engine or just ask your friends. 
example :
Is this real?
It's FAKE! as far I know MAC never release a palette like this, even MAC offer us a custom palette but there's no palette are like the photo above
and again look at their official price! 15 pan eye palette for $196

My tips, always search and see their official site, or buy it at the official store.

3. The shade is different from the authentic and not long lasting
There's a reason why a product are expensive and long lasting is one of the reason why they offer a high price to us! and this is what we can't get if we buy fake cosmetics! Same Quality Same Price
source : http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-to-spot-fake-mac-cosmetic-updated.html


It's also pretty hard to identify fake perfume. But, I searched to how identify an authentic perfume.

1. Every perfume has a serial number on its box and bottle
 match it! The serial number is on the bottom of the box and bottle. 
for example : My daisy Marc Jacobs 

Serial number on the box is 0350988290, then I match it with the bottle.... it's same! 

I also check all of my perfumes collection, thank God they're authentic!!

2. Shake it
Some people also say to shake the bottle, if the liquid has a lot of bubbles after you shake it, it's fake. Look at the bold words.. a lot! because if you shake the authentic one it's still have some but disappear easily.

3. Smell it
As I told before (the story about my mom's boss), fake perfume smells too strong or sometimes can be fishy or not long lasting.

Well, Be smart ! and always search...search...and search, many information you get is the best way to prevent buying fake products.

Don't get tempted by their cheap prices, don't afraid to ask the seller why is it cheap, where they get it...
I'm a seller too (selling the authentic one of course) and if a customer ask me where I get the product I'll tell them where I got it !

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