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This is the review of BE i.d bareVitamins skin rev-er Upper. 
Well, honestly I don't know what to say/write. I bought this primer (yes, it's a primer! ) compulsively. I bought it from Sephora when  they had  about 10% sale couple months ago. This primer contain salicylic acids. That's why I bought it! 
this is what they say about 

" The invisible, multi-vitamin complex contains a special blend of glycolic and salicylic acids and botanical extracts designed to re-energize your complexion, continually smoothing out the skin's surface. Skin will appear clearer and healthier while providing for flawless makeup application every time. "

Directions : Apply under moisturizer or wear alone day and night.

I think this product is quiet good. It can prevent my breakouts while I'm using alone after taking my make up off and after take a bath. As a primer it's not work so well. My foundation which is bare escentuals' product too still running out because of my oily skin, but if I have a worst breakouts I'll apply this primer because it has salicylic acid.

Sorry for the blurry photo. This is how it's look like. One thing I don't like about this product is the color. Look at that yellowish color. Yellowish color is like acne treatment's product to me that when I apply them it's feel so sticky so I already feel "lazy" to put them on, but the texture of this product is moist and lightweight, but It's too sticky for a primer. 

I think it's good as a travel kit. It can be use as a primer or as an acne treatment. So one product for two function.
it cost $21 at Sephora

I want to make a review about bare escentuals foundation and mineral veil but as you know or for you who don't know, it's very lightweight and when I take a picture of it, it didn't show anything so I'll afraid you can't see the difference if I give a review by photo. So, I'm considering to give the review by video. I never edit any video before so it'll take a really long time in my opinion to upload the video! 

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