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neutrogena, acne treament, acne pad, rapid clear treatment pads
 Wow! what a long caption huh!? anyway, I want to make reviews all of my newest beauty products that I bought during my semester holiday.  Because of every June and July many US websites give us so many tempting discounts, even I'm home I always been busy clicking all the sale products! This is just a few (really, I have many of sale products that haven't arrive to my house) products that already arrive at my house. I'll review it one by one!

Neutrogena rapid clear treatment pads!  It says " helps stop emerging breakouts, reduces breakouts in 8 hours maximum strength".
actually, this is the first time I'm using a pad for acne treatment but honestly, this pads work really great! I use this pads about 2 -3 times a day. This product is so watery, I can use just one pad for all over my face, my neck and still the pad has a few "water medicine" so I can use it for my shoulders and upper arms. It smells like orange which is good and refreshing. 

neutrogena, acne treament, acne pad, rapid clear treatment pads

As directions I apply this pad after I took a bath. Even I use 2 or 3 times a day, my skin isn't drying or irritating . I think it's because my skin already usual of any kind of acne treatment (I start using acne treatment since I was in junior high school, it's about 5 years ago). But if you read the ingredients, this product contains alcohol denat (38%) . You know that alcohol can make your skin dry rite!? so, for whoever that never take any kind of acne treatment I'd like to suggest, just use it once a day at the beginning then gradually increasing to 2 or 3 times a day as the direction say.

neutrogena, acne treament, acne pad, rapid clear treatment pads

It contains of 60 pads, each pad has 5.50cm diameter. After you open it you can smell the orange fragrance.

neutrogena, acne treament, acne pad, rapid clear treatment pads

The pad is thick enough, so it contains a lot of "water medication". So far, this product really works for me. I hope this is the product that I'm looking for this whole years. If you read my previous post about my acne fighting you will know why I say this. 

How about the price? it's cheap for acne treatment I think. I ordered from CVS for $6.79 (after 20% OFF).
On the website reviews some people also said that this pad can remove make up too , but I never tried it. Also CVS mark this product as "Top Rated" this is why I chose this product actually. 

Definitely will buy this product, I already use about 30 pads.lol

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