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I've been crazy about this two website Sephora and Urban Decay and another one is ULTA. I love Sephora because there're many beauty brands in just one website, I wish Sephora open their store in Indonesia. I just love the primer potion from Urban Decay actually, but I still love their website, just checking other good and cute products. And for ULTA, I love their website as much as Sephora, I love checking bare escentuals at ULTA. The point is I love all of them because I love buying value sets. I can't describe what is value set correctly. it's like buying a set and they give a cheaper price then if you buy the product one by one. Hmm, it's like wholesale, isn't it? Don't confuse, maybe you will understand what value set is after you look at the photos :)

Yesterday my package from Sephora and Urban Decay arrived. cost about IDR 1.353.000 (US$ 143) all included discount price, shipping price from US to Indonesia (I have to pay another shipping service because they don't have any shipping to Indonesia) and also the taxes.


 Murad Acne Complex Starter Kit US$33 (Value US$ 56) at Sephora

As you can see on the photo (left) "Only at Sephora".  It consist of clarfying cleanser , clarfying toner, exfoliating acne treatment gel, skin perfecting lotion and acne spot treatment. They said that "feel the difference the first time, see the difference in 3 days and get clear in 4 weeks!". I wish it's true, already tired of this acne fighting thing and of course wasting my money. It hasn't been 3 days so I can't tell you the different but after I woke up this morning a pimple (yeah, just one!) already disappear. is it the sign?

Murad Claryfying body spray US$37
I bought this Murad claryfying body spray again because it's actually works on me! my back looks normal after using this spray (before that my back looks like Mars planet,cover with the redness ). Finally I found the cure for my back, the redness still come back if the weather is hot but not as much before I use this product.


 ORIGINAL/SIN Eyeshadow Primer Potion duo US$28

Actually I want to buy primer potion in vintage bottle, sadly when I want to buy the vintage bottle it was sold out. I want to buy original shade and already sold out so I bought this product. I haven't try it, I just use eyeshadow on special occasion. Many people said that this primer really great! I love the packaging too, the purple one actually made by suede.

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