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Today is for make up reviews....

Tea Tree Concealer by The Body Shop
 I have extra sensitive skin, so I have to keep watching what I'm using for my make up. I bought this tea tree concealer to prevent any breakouts. You know that concealer is for covering any black spots, and some zits, so I use this concealer to prevent next breakouts.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner by The Body Shop
 I use this toner before I put my make up on and also when I'm removing my make up. It's so fresh and it's almost running out . I have to buy it again.

Agave Cactus BB Cream by Skin Food
 This is my third time using BB cream, I use BB magic cream and BB precious mineral by Etude House previously but sadly when I using Etude House's BB Cream my face starting to breakouts and it gettin worse day by day. When I use this skin food BB cream, it's still give me breakouts but not to worse than the Etude house. I love using BB cream actually it makes my make up routine simpler, you can skip the base, foundation, moisturizer, sunblock by just applying the BB cream and I even don't have to use powder. It's really sad my face can't stand for it. I'll stop using BB Cream *maybe*
On the top of agave cactus BB cream they already put the sponge so you just squeeze the tube and apply the BB cream using the sponge to all over your face. It's easy and no mess!

 This is the comparison of Skin Food Agave Cactus and Etude House BB Magic Cream. Skin food is thicker that Etude magic cream, Etude House is more watery. I love the scent of Agave cactus, I don't really like the scent from Etude House but the scent get better after the blending. Skin food has lighter color but after you blend it Etude house is lighter. But both of them match perfectly to my skin tone.

Brush Cleanser by MAC
This is what I bought from last week ( when I went to Grand Indonesia). I just realized that we have to clean our brushes at least twice a week especially for my case (extra sensitive skin) because if the brushes are dirty it will make you breakouts. Love this cleanser, no scent at all and make my brushes clean as new.

I have a lot of cosmetics and skin care products to show to. Wait for my other make up/ skin care review.
upcoming : mini make up (mini size)

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