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Hey y'all !!! It's been a hectic week :(
I'm having UAS (final test), so I didn't have time to write this blog

BTW, I'm in love with food rite now! *wuhuuu*

Firstly, I went to Hang Gang with my friend Felicia. I was really happy because finally she went back to Indonesia. *yipiie* I missed hangin out with her!

Hang Gang is a korean restaurant. I ordered Kimchi Jiggae and Toppokki, Feli ordered Bibimbap.
 I don't have the picture of Kimchi Jigae. But I made my own Kimchi Jigae :D

Kimchi Jigae

Then, We went to Kiyadon sushi . The interior is cute and unique. They served the sushi on a boat :D

Sushi on a boat
Sushi on a boat

I made a baked macaroni at home on the other day. It's so delicious!!
Baked Macaroni

I made my own Toppokki too

About 2 weeks ago, I went to Marche at Grand Indonesia with Caroline and Rini. I ate fettucini and drank an apple juice. I love the apple juice.so tasty! I forgot what Caroline and Rini drank *oopps*
apple juice (middle)

After that we went to The Goods Dept at Plaza Indonesia. I ordered Bailey's Milkshake and Macaroon. Love the Bailey's milkshake! But I prefer Bakerzin's macaroons than macaroon at the goods dept .

The Goods Dept Macaroon
Bailey's Milkshake

And.... I made a tiramisu cake! and  it's so delicious. I was really happy.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take the photo :( 
I think I'll made it again and will make it more perfect! LOL

Finally, I wanna tell you guys I've found a name for my shoe line : Perfected By Leonita Nerisa
and I've found a professional shoe maker, and also I'm adding a lot of cushions on my shoes. 
Wish me luck guys!!!!

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