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My 2nd Fashion Tips


Hey there! I'm truly sorry I didn't post anything :( 
I don't have any time to read my blog either update it :(
So, here I am again! updating my lovely blog.... :)

The good news is my second fashion tips for local magazine "GoGirl Magazine" had been uploaded on their website :)

I wanna say sorry because it's written in Indonesian. I don't have much time to edit it into English. 
But, I've already change the "main point" into English :)
Just look at the bold words! 

For original content : www.gogirlmagz.com 

Next saturday, I'll meet a shoemaker. I want to sell my own shoes design! What do you think guys? Is it good or nah?
I'm really excited bout this... AaaAaa \\(^0^)// AaaAaa

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