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Vacation in the middle of school


I'm really tired today. I went to school from 05.30 AM to 16.00 PM !
I want to share my previous vacations. It wasn't a holiday, I skipped school for awhile.. : )

I went to Belitung first with my mom,my aunt and my cousin. Then, I went to Bali!

Belitung have many islands! I visited the island by boat, we have to cross the sea to go there. 

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 Only a man and a cat live here! He's taking care this island. The tower behind me is the former office of the Dutch era. It's creepy there!
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We found starfishes in the sea and we took it to the beach, but we sent them to their home after taking some pictures

I went to Bali for three days. Had a lots of fun there. : )

The first pic below, I went to Blue Point. The interesting story, My guide don't know this place. This beach is behind the cave, a western man told me to go here, he said that behind the cave there's a beautiful beach, and after I got there, he right! The beach totally awesome, and there's no local people just the foreigner.
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 I played flying fish in Tanjung Benoa. I was pretty scared, because I will fly with this fish boat. Look at my face! totally scared...lol

In Tanah Lot, I bought 4 roasted corns! for me and my dad. We each ate two..hehehe. The corn was delicious and sweet. You should try if you go there! There are many roasted corn seller, choose the crowded one. : )
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At Kintamani Mountain, Look at the view! It's great, isn't it? Look at my lips, I was feeling chill in there and I didn't bring my jacket. 

In Sanur Beach, Before I went to Kintamani Mountain, I went to Sanur beach first. The sea is so clear and the air is so blue! I don't have this kind of view in Jakarta

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Family Pic! daddy,brother,mommy,little brother and me

This is my favorite pic!

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